Chicago Bike Sox


Tuesday Tailgates

A bike rack tailgate?

Yes! We hang out at the bike racks before the game.


At the bike racks between Gates 2 & 3.


Opening day and every Tuesday when the Sox play at home. Here's the schedule.

What should I bring?

You, your bike, and a lock.

What about food and drink?

We'll have some beer from Marz and a small amount of La Croix. You're welcome to bring additional food and drink if you'd like.

We tailgate on $5 Tuesdays so there's also plenty of reasonably priced (five dollar) food and drink in the ballpark

I can't ride my bike today. I'm rooting for the other team. I don't know anything about baseball. I'm new to biking. I won't know anyone. Is this for me?

If the Bike Sox tailgate seems like a good time to you, you belong at the Bike Sox tailgate. If you are made to feel otherwise, please let us know.

Do you ride to the tailgate together?

Yes! If you're coming from downtown, or you can get there by 5:30, ride with us! Otherwise, plenty of folks ride on their own and meet us at the racks.

How do I get home?

Folks sometimes form groups on their own for the ride home. You can also put your bike on the red line. If you walk to the end of the platform there's usually room on the first train.


Do you sit together?

Yes! Stay tuned for details about group tickets for our Tuesday Tailgates. We won't have group tickets on Opening Day or for the Crosstown Game.

Do I have to sit with you?


Do I have to use your ticket link?


Guaranteed Rate Field

Where's the bike parking?

The Sox have added a ton of bike parking between Gates 2 & 3. There are also racks on 35th St. just northeast of Shields.

Are the racks secure?

The racks are off the street near the camera-monitored employee entrance to the ballpark.

We haven't heard of anyone having their bike stolen from the racks. A lot of us leave bags and stuff attached to our bikes.

Even so, we recommend you bring and use a good bike lock whenever you lock up in the city. If you have valuables that you can't bring into the ballpark, you should use the bag check.

What can I bring into the ballpark?

For more information see the 2024 White Sox Bag Policy and list of prohibited items.

Can I stash my stuff somewhere?

There's a $10 bag check near the racks, you can leave stuff on your bike, or you can bring your helmet in and use it as a purse.


How long is the ride?

Our standard Lakefront Trail route is 7 miles.

What's the pace like?

Chill and inclusive! We won't leave you behind.

Where? When?

Unless otherwise noted, we meet at the Picasso statue at Daley Plaza at 5:15pm and roll out at 5:30pm sharp.

What's the route?

We'll post the route on social and at a few days before the tailgate.

Can I meet you along the way?

On the standard route, we have an official Lakefront Trail hop-on point at Chicago Horizon just NW of the Shedd Aquarium.

No matter the route, you can track us at on the day of the ride.